8D Eyelash Extensions (0.05 Thickness) Short Stem

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Looking for premium quality eyelash extensions? Look no further than these short stem 8D Eyelash Extensions. Each of the 8 lashes has already been perfectly fanned out to give your customer a wonderful lush lash look. 

These are some of the best volume eyelash extensions you’ll come across. You can use them to create the ideal Russian volume eyelash extensions by using these lashes. The massive volume look is beloved by many clients across Australia.

These pre-fanned lashes are 0.05 thickness, meaning they won’t feel heavy on your client’s natural lashes. They feel luscious and soft, as close to natural lashes as you will get. Buying quality lashes can make a huge difference to client satisfaction levels. The happier your clients, the more often they will come back to you and the more money you make.

Try putting these in place using our Premium Volume Tweezers. You won’t find any better applicator for voluminous lashes.

Nab these in the staggering 14mm length all the way down to a more natural 8mm. We offer both the C and D curl as well to give your client as many options as possible for their ideal set of lash extensions.


  • Range of sizes from 8 - 14 mm

  • 8 short stem lashes per fan

  • Premium quality 

  • 0.05 thickness

  • True black lashes