7 Tips and Tricks for Applying Eyelash Extensions

11th Jan 2021

Lash application can be tricky! Glue can get everywhere, lashes can clump together and if you’re not careful you can even damage your natural lashes, making them look even worse until they grow out over the next few weeks.

But don’t worry! There are a few tips and tricks that, once you know them, will make your lash application that much more consistent and you’ll be confidently doing infills and full sets with ease!

I’ve put together these 7 tips and tricks to help you start applying eyelash extensions like a pro in no time!

1. Start Small

Don’t just jump into applying 6D prefanned eyelash extensions straight away - this won’t actually make your life easier. Start small and get used to applying individual lashes with less risk involved. Consider opting for shorter and thinner lashes so that even if it’s not perfect the first few times, it won’t be so noticeable.

Another helpful tip to starting small is to curl your lashes before application, this will help to make the extensions blend in more with your natural lashes.

2. Measure Your Lashes and Trim Them to Size

When it comes to eyelash extensions, one size does not fit all. Make sure you decide on the lengths and widths of the extensions you’ll be using for yourself, your client or friend.

Not only should you consider the appropriate length and thickness for the individual, but you should also consider their needs for their set of lashes and eye shape versus the look they are seeking. Experienced lash technicians will often use many lengths, thicknesses and prefanned variants to complement and compensate for the natural lashes.

eyelash extension map

The above image depicts a popular pattern that matches but exaggerates the natural lashes. This presents the shortest lashes on the inner eye, peaking toward the middle and then getting shorter towards the outer eye, but not as short as the lashes closest to the nose.

Once you’re familiar with varying lengths, trimming lashes to size and playing with different thicknesses and prefanned lashes, you can start experimenting with patterns! What looks can you come up with?

3. Shape Your Eyelash Extensions

As mentioned in the first tip, you can curl your natural lashes to match the shape of the extensions. But there is another method, you can curl, or even straighten, the extensions to suit the natural lashes.

Before grabbing your lash extension adhesive, you can actually curl or bend the extensions into the right curl for the right look if you don’t have the right curl in stock.

eyelash extension curl shape legend

Although this tip can come in handy, this is obviously not as reliable as using the product as intended. We recommend keeping a healthy supply of lashes but if you’re out of stock and need to use this trick, try not to have an extreme difference between the client’s natural lash curl and the extensions, as this “hack” is less reliable than using the correct product.

4. Go easy on the glue!

You should always remember to apply eyelash adhesives in moderation, and be especially careful while you’re still getting the hang of it. It’s much better to use too little than too much as most people would prefer to reapply a lash than to end up in a mess.

It’s not just about gluing two lashes together and causing a clumpy look, I’ve seen everything from people gluing lashes to lids or top lashes to bottom lashes to more serious medical incidents involving glue and eyes.

Being a lash technician comes with a responsibility of keeping hygienic and safe practices, with blue being the main risk factor. So go easy on the glue and if you feel you aren’t using enough, work your way up!

5. Use Eyelash Pads

It’s no secret in the industry that eyelash pads are an absolute must! If you want your clients to be as comfortable as possible all while making your job that much easier, then these are the way to go!

Used to tape down clients’ eyelashes on the lower lid when you’re applying eyelash extensions. This way the lashes won’t get caught up in the extension glue. This can be a disaster as it can glue the eye shut. Avoid this embarrassing mistake with our fantastic Eyelash Pads, or use eyelash paper tape as an alternative.

6. Use the Right Lash Application For You

Lash application is delicate work that requires precision and patience. If you don’t have the right tools for the job, the process can feel tedious and frustrating.

Make sure you’re experimenting with different shaped tweezers, different glues and accessories. Every technician has a slightly different method and slightly different set of tools, so play around with what’s out there and figure out what works best for you!

You may be surprised at how much a glue ring or Crystal Glue Stone changes speeds up an infill session, or the difference that using Premium Volume Tweezers as opposed to curved or straight tweezers makes.

7. Use Mascara for More Va-va-voom

While you don’t need to apply mascara along with false lashes, it can give off a more balanced look to your lashes by filling in any gaps. Mascara can also add even more volume and drama, which is always welcomed.

With that being said, you need to pick a lash-extension-friendly mascara with a thin formula that’s easily washable. Avoid water-proof mascaras at all costs because those are much harder to remove and you’ll need one that can come off effortlessly at the end of the day without too much rubbing. If you’re using a waterproof mascara the effort to remove it may damage or remove your or your clients’ lashes.

The Bottom Line

I hope that my 7 tips and tricks for applying eyelash extensions have opened up your eyes to the many possibilities and conveniences that are often overlooked.

From using the right tools for convenience to money and time-saving techniques, these tips should help you on your journey to becoming a true pro!