How to Apply False Lashes the Easy Way

22nd Apr 2020

Sometimes, you’re all ready for your new set of eyelash extensions but the lash bars on the Sunshine Coast are all booked up. So, what do you do when you want to look glam but you’re between eyelash extension appointments? Use some false lashes of course!

They can take you from a day to night look in no time at all. Fake lashes can add that extra oomph you’re seeking to your look. If you’re usually more of a lash extensions kinda gal, fear not! We have all the secret tips and tricks for you on how to apply false lashes the easy way.

False lashes are infamous for being hard to apply. There are many common problems people run into when using these. Most often, there’s the issue of them sticking up at the edge, no matter how much eyelash glue you use. Often, you’ve done the lash application correctly, but they just don’t look right with your eye shape.

We’ve got tips for all those problems and much more. We provide a step-by-step guide to applying fake eyelashes perfectly and easily. Read on to find out how to solve all your lash application problems.

False Lashes vs Eyelash Extensions

The first thing we want to go over is the ancient debate of false lashes vs eyelash extensions. Maybe you’ve never had eyelash extensions before and usually just go for false lashes or vice versa. It’s important to note that there are merits to both sides. So, let’s talk about eyelash extensions pros and cons vs false lashes pros and cons.

False Lashes


  • Fake eyelashes are cheaper per set but keep in mind they last only one day.
  • If you’re experienced in putting these on, it can be a very quick process.
  • They are more accessible because you can just pop round to the store to buy some.


  • False eyelashes only stay on for a day, so you don’t get a lot of value for your money.
  • It’s hard to nail the application of fake eyelashes.
  • Choosing which lashes are best for your eye shape can be a tricky business – read on for some advice.

Eyelash Extensions


  • Eyelash extensions are put on by a professional, ensuring a perfect fit. They are experts in knowing what lash shapes and styles will suit your eye and face shape.
  • Eyelash extensions can last from 4-8 weeks, depending on the quality of the eyelash extension glue used and whether they use a primer.
  • You can have completely customized lashes. This is done by using either premade lash fans or individual eyelash extensions, or both.
  • In general, individual eyelash extensions on the Sunshine Coast are done to a high standard with quality lash products.


  • The main drawback of eyelash extensions is that they are a large upfront investment. However, considering that they last 4 – 8 weeks in general, they are better value overall than fake lashes.

False Lash Glues

A massive problem many people encounter with fake lashes is that they just won’t stick! Either they lift up on the outer edge or come off altogether. Sometimes they will come up on the inner corner and irritate your eyes. Then you have the awful problem of red, watery eyes as well.

What’s the difference between false eyelash glue and glue for eyelash extensions? How long it lasts for. It’s not recommended that you wear fake eyelashes for more than a day, so that’s about how long the fake eyelash glue is designed to last. On the other hand, eyelash extensions should last for many weeks. That’s why those glues are much stronger.

You do want to make sure that your false eyelashes will stay all day, though. So, what lash glues should you be using to get the best staying power out of your strip lashes?

House of Lashes

House of Lashes has a great eyelash adhesive for false eyelashes. This one is loved by beauty gurus all over the globe. It has a premium ingredients list without any latex, parabens or phthalates.

People love it because it stays on for a long time. There’s no coming off at the edges with this one. You don’t have to worry about encountering the embarrassing issue of your falsies falling off when you’re out and about.

It has a brush applicator right in the bottle, so lash application is easy with no need to mess around with other brushes. Some people find that it’s quite tacky so a bit hard to spread on the lashes, but that’s the only downside we could find.

Ardell Duo

Ardell Duo lash glue is loved by bargain hunter beauty addicts. Available at most pharmacies, it’s cheaper than most premium beauty brands. Even though it’s a similar price to some others, it is better value because it comes in a larger 7g tube.

While this one doesn’t come with a brush, the tube features an applicator tip. This means you won’t even need a brush to apply this product. You could use one if you’d like to though, to spread the glue more evenly.

Fans of this product say that the lash glue is quick to dry so you’re not waiting around trying to hold the lashes on. Also, it dries clear, so you don’t have to worry about this glue being visible on your lashes at all. Or you can purchase the same product in black if you are worried about it being visible.

Tarteist PRO Lash Adhesive

The Tarteist PRO Lash Adhesive is made by Tarte, who has gained a cult following for their makeup products lately. They are most famous for their Shape Tape which is a concealer.

Their eyelash adhesive comes in clear or black. This is great as some people prefer a black glue just to make sure it’s really going to blend in nicely with the lashes and eyeliner.

This adhesive is designed specially to wear with the brand’s lashes. They claim that these are comfortable to wear even if you have contacts in. We’re sure the glue would still work well with any brand of lashes you choose to use.

Users of this lash glue say that it holds very well and will get those lashes to stay in place all day long. Its compact size makes it easy to pop in your purse in case any makeup emergencies do occur. Reviewers also noted its latex-free formula didn’t irritate their eyes.

What Lashes Will Suit Your Eye Shape?

When you go to the store to select some fake lashes, it can be overwhelming due to the sheer amount of choices on offer. Long, short, full, natural… where’s are you supposed to start? No matter what eye shape you have, there is a set of false lashes that will suit you! We’ve described some different eye shapes so you can decide which type of lashes will suit you.

Is your eye shape:

Deep Set

This means that your eyes are set deep into your head. This makes your brow bone appear as a more dominant facial feature. You may be best choosing lashes which are longer so that they can be more easily seen.


Prominent eyes refer to when your eye socket is further out on your face. It can be a good choice with this type of eye to choose false lashes for the bottom of your eye too. This gives more balance and can create the illusion of your eyes being further back on your face.

Hooded Eyes

You have this kind if the crease on your eyelid can’t be seen. A set of strip lashes that are thin and in a shorter length can suit this type of eye.

Downturned Eyes

The main feature of this type is eyes that appear to droop down at the outer edges. A set of lashes that are longer on that outer edge with short lashes can look great with this kind.

Measuring and Trimming the Strip Lashes

The first step before you can think about applying the lashes is measuring them for the perfect fit. No need to get out a tape measure to measure your eyes or the lashes, though! Simply lift the strip lashes with tweezers and hold in place along your lash line.

You should hold them starting where your natural eyelashes are becoming thicker near the inner corner. You don’t want your false lashes going all the way into the inner corner of your eye because it’s uncomfortable and won’t adhere well.

You want your strip lashes to end a few eyelashes over from where your natural ones do on the outer corner of your eyes. This avoids a droopy sagging look at the edge that won’t stick well either.

Once you’ve figured out the length you need, simply trim the lashes to fit. Always cut off from the side you’ll place at the outer edges. The inner corners are usually made especially with smaller lashes to blend better with your natural eyelashes.

Applying False Lashes the Easy Way

Applying false lashes is no easy task. If you’re new to applying them, it can be quite a challenge. Follow this step by step process to nail it the first time. There’ll be no corners sticking up or lashes coming off. The days of trying more than once to apply fake eyelashes are cancelled. Do it the easy way with this process.

  1. Putting on the glue

Here, you’ll need to make sure that you apply the eyelash glue all the way from end to end of the lash, along the vein. Having the glue go all the way to the edges ensures that you won’t have the corners lifting up.

  1. Wait

You will need to wait for a few seconds until the eyelash glue is quite tacky. This ensures that the glue is sticky enough when you put it onto your lash line.

  1. Glue the lash line

A handy tip to make sure the lashes are really going to stick is to pop a few dots of glue on your lash line. This helps the lashes stick on even stronger, so they won’t move around or come off later. Just place about 5 tiny dots of glue evenly along the lash line before putting on the lashes.

  1. Put on the lashes

As mentioned earlier, you will need to place the lashes starting where most of your lashes start coming in near the inner corner. You measured to this length when you were trimming the lashes earlier.

  1. Combine with your natural lashes

To avoid that 2 sets of lashes look created by the falsies and your natural lashes, you need to combine them. How do you do this? Mascara is about to become your best friend. Swipe some on and this will bond your natural lashes with the fake ones. It creates a much more natural overall finish, making it less obvious that you’re wearing fake eyelashes.

Removing False Lashes

Removing false lashes is so much easier than getting them to stay on! Many people just peel them right off by taking one end and pulling. However, this method of fake eyelash removal can be very damaging to your delicate eye skin.

The better way is to use a substance which will loosen the adhesive. This means that when you take off the lashes, you’re not pulling on or irritating your skin. Oil is quite effective at loosening adhesive.

It is a good idea to grab a cotton pad and soak it in either coconut oil or an oil-based makeup remover. Baby oil and olive oil are also very effective for this process. Then you can hold this over your closed eye for 10 – 30 seconds. Once you’ve done this, the glue should have dissolved enough for you to safely remove the eyelash.

If it is still pulling, just repeat the process until it comes off easily. Then, of course, you just need to do it on the other eye.


The best option if you love wearing fake eyelashes all the time, is to get eyelash extensions. They are easy to come by in the Sunshine Coast and provide better value to you overall. You can let an expert do all the hard work of making them look amazing.

If you do choose to wear false eyelashes, pay attention to your eye shape when you’re selecting what kind you’re going to buy. It can make a big difference in how your look will turn out in the end. Make sure that you buy a fantastic fake lash glue as well, like one of the ones listed above. This will overcome the issue of lashes not sticking to your lash line properly.

Follow our handy steps for applying your lashes to apply false lashes the easy way. This should make them stick for a long time as well as looking amazing. Trim and place them right for the optimal wow factor.

If you have a special occasion coming up and eyelash extension appointments on the Sunshine Coast are all booked up, never fear! Just come back to this guide for applying fake eyelashes that will elevate your makeup game to the next level. Look your best for any occasion no matter what.