How to Choose the Right Premade Lash Fan

11th Jan 2021

Applying lash extensions is a delicate art that’s hard to master, but using premade lash fans can considerably make any lash artist’s job easier. Yet, they come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one for your client requires a degree of fineness.

Don’t worry, though. We have the answers to all your questions. Keep on reading to find out how to choose the right premade lash fan for your client’s needs.

What Are Premade Lash Fans?

Premade lash fans are volume fans produced in advance, where individual lashes are combined and then bonded at their base either by a small amount of glue or via heat. They can consist of anywhere between 2 to 10 individual lashes, with some going all the way up to 20 lashes, although they’re usually reserved for super dramatic looks.

woman with eyelash extensions looking down

After being delivered to you, as a lash artist, all you need to do is dip them in some adhesive and attach them to the client’s natural lashes in the same way like a classic or semi-permanent volume fan.

Premade lash fans are much simpler to attach than handmade volume fans, making them a particularly excellent choice for new lash artists or anyone who wants to save a bit more time during lash appointments.

Choosing the Right Premade Lash Fan

To pick the right premade lash fan for your client, you need to first decide on the curl, the look they’re going for, as well the preferred bonding method.

Desired Look

Natural Volume Lashes

If your client wants to enhance their natural lashes while still maintaining a natural and light no-makeup volume style, premade lash fans with fewer extensions are your best option. For this look, we suggest checking out the 3D Eyelash Extension.

Eyeliner Effect

A great advantage of applying eyelash extensions is how they can create a natural eyeliner effect. To achieve that, we recommend sticking to lash fans with long stem lash fans such as the 4D and 5D Eyelash Extension for show-stopping, voluminous lashes.

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian volume lashes create a more naturally voluminous look. Therefore, they’re suitable for clients who want a more glamorous and thicker set of lashes.

If you’re looking for a lash fan that gives off a more dramatic look than what can be achieved with classic lashes, the Long Stem 6D Eyelash Extensions is the perfect choice.

Glue-Bonded vs. Heat-Bonded Fans

After figuring out the style the client is going for, you need to decide whether to opt for glue-bonded or heat-bonded lashes.

Glue-Bonded Fans

With pre-fanned, glue-bonded volume lashes, an adhesive is used to bind the individual lashes together to create the fan. Glue-bonded fans are more heavy-duty and less likely to fall apart than heat-bonded ones.

While glue-bonding adds a little bit of extra weight to a fan, the increase is only in the micro-milligrams and won’t negatively affect your client’s natural lashes.

The real problem lies in that they need to be double-dipped in adhesive, which won’t give good retention. Additionally, attaching the fans to your client’s natural lashes may get messy as the glue holding the fan together and the one attaching the fan to the base of the natural lash can form clumps.

Heat-Bonded Fans

In contrast, heat-bonded volume lashes are sealed together at the bottom using nothing but heat. This ensures there’s no adhesive clumping that might irritate your client’s eyelids. You also won’t need to worry about adding extra weight to your client’s lashes.

So, how do heat-bonded lashes stick without the adhesive? They’re produced using a double-heated method. First, the manufacturer arranges the lash extensions in a row before starting the heat process.

Then, the base of the lashes (made of plastic), is heat-pressed until it melts slightly to allow the lashes to adhere to each other. Finally, the lash extensions are rolled until they create curls, and the rolls are handled in another processor.

While heat-bonded fans’ most significant advantage is that they’re much lighter and effortless to mould and manoeuvre, they still have their point of weakness; they’re more prone to falling apart quickly due to the lack of adhesive. They may also have a slightly irregular curl shape due to the double-heating.


The angle of your client’s natural lashes will largely determine what curl to opt for. There are many curl types, but below are the most popular ones.


The most natural and least curled option is the J-curl. It’s less common as most clients get extensions to have slightly more lift to their lashes. Generally speaking, though, it’s best used for clients with straight lashes that point downwards.


This curl offers slightly more lift than a J-curl while still maintaining a more conservative look.


The C-curl is the most popular curl for premade lash fans. It’s perfect for accentuating lash lines and giving a more open-eye effect while still looking natural and not too drastic.


The D-curl has also started gaining popularity recently. It accentuates the lash line and provides more lift than the C-curl and, therefore, gives much more drama while still looking fairly natural.

The Bottom Line

Even though premade lash fans can take the weight of making your volume fans by hand and fanning them out off your shoulder, the sheer number of options available on the market makes it hard to pick the right one.

So, we hope you now know how to choose the right premade lash fan for each client’s needs! You and your client will need to decide on the look they’re going for and whether they want a natural look or more glam and drama. You’ll then need to consider the most suitable curl for that look as well as whether to go for glue-bonded or heat-bonded lash fans.