How To Handle Difficult Clients

How To Handle Difficult Clients

Posted by Beauty Direct Wholesalers on 22nd Jul 2022

"I need to come back in, they're sparse and falling out"

We have all had these clients, who feel entitled to book their own appointments and come in whenever suits them.. but remember, retention works both ways.

Don't immediately blame them, say something like,

"Hey! I'm so sorry you are not happy with your set. Have you followed the correct aftercare? There's a few factors as to why they could be falling out. Can you come in to see me so we can analyse this situation, if this suits you?"


"I need an appointment today"

What happened to hello?! Immediately off to a poor start, always be polite:

"Hey! Thank you so much for the message, I have no availability today I'm afraid. My next appointment is on ******, does this date suit you instead? Please let me know when works and I will try my best to accomodate"

"Clients who show up late repeatedly"

There are a lot of people who struggle to be on time. After a few of times it can become irritating and quite rude. We give up our appointments for absent clients and it is super frustrating. Be straight with them.

"Hey, I am so happy you remain a loyal client to me and come to your appointments, but I have a really tight schedule and can't afford to keep running over time. Can I ask you kindly to turn up 10 minutes before your appointment from now on please, or reschedule for a later time that suits you and your travel times! Thank you so much"

"Clients who turn up ill"

Would you rather a client turn up who isn't well, or cancel last minute? Definitely not turning up ill. You can't work when you're ill which means you have no income. These boundaries need to be set with your clients so they know not to attend if they're unwell.

"Hey! I'm so sorry but we are going to have to reschedule our appointment today. I have a business to run and I see multiple clients every day and I cannot afford to fall ill.. Please bare this in mind for future appointments also and let me know the next convenient time for yourself and we can get you booked back in!"

"Clients who pick their lashes out"

It's essential that you refrain from picking out your lashes. It disturbs your natural lash cycle and can lead to long term damage. Educate your clients on the risk of picking out their lashes.

"Hey! I'm so sorry but we suggest you give your lashes a break from extensions until they have grown healthier. Pulling out your extensions means you are pulling out your natural lashes which are brittle and weak at the moment. Would you like to reschedule a follow up for 4 weeks time and assess them from there.”

"I don't like my lashes and I want a refund"

Never ever give a refund before seeing your client. Ask them to come out for a consultation. It’s possible they have pulled them out, used makeup or have failed to follow the correct aftercare. They may have even singed them.

"Hey, I am so sorry you are not satisfied with your set! Can you come into the salon for me to have a look at them?"