How to Infill Lash Extensions Like a Boss

How to Infill Lash Extensions Like a Boss

7th Feb 2021

A full set of eyelash extensions are a sure way of enhancing your client’s eyes and emphasizing their lashes. But they’ll only look great for a few weeks due to the natural lash life cycle.

All clients with lash extensions will lose a few lashes here and there, but it’s not at all a direct result of having eyelash extensions applied. Lash shedding is a perfectly natural occurrence part of the renewal stage of anyone’s lash life cycle.

For your clients to have truly luscious lashes for more extended periods, touching up and maintaining their eyelashes is a must. Therefore, their initial lash appointment will have to be followed up periodically for lash infills.

If you’re just starting out on your journey as a lash technician or need a reminder of the basics, we’ve got you covered. So, keep reading to find out how to infill lash extensions like a boss.

What Are Lash Infills?

Lash extensions are supposed to last a long time, but they’re not permanent. As natural eyelashes continuously grow and shed, it naturally follows that some eyelash extensions glued to natural lashes will eventually fall out.

This is where lash infills come in. Lash infills are either individual lashes or premade fans that you use to make up for natural shedding by filling the gaps that appear in your client’s lash extensions. The lash artist fills the sparse areas by dipping each lash extension in a tiny amount of glue and then applying them near the client’s natural lash line with tweezers.

Regular lash infills after your client’s main lash treatments are the perfect way to ensure they enjoy fuller and healthy-looking lashes for more extended periods without requiring a full replacement set.

Tools to Use in Your Lash Infill Appointment

  1. Eyelash pads or eyelash paper tape to ensure maximum comfort for your clients while applying eyelash infills.
  1. Eyelash cleanser and eyelash cleanser brush to cleanse the eyelashes and remove any excess of makeup or oil.
  1. Two straight tweezers to pick up the lashes.
  1. Gel remover to remove stubborn lash extensions without damaging the natural lashes.
  1. Eyelash extension primer to prep your client’s natural lashes and get the extensions to properly adhere to them.
  1. Micro brush to quickly dab some primer or gel remover on your client’s lashes.
  1. Lash wand to groom and tidy your client’s lashes before adding the infills.
  1. Lash glue to attach your clients’ classic eyelash infills or pre-fanned lashes.

How to Infill Lash Extensions

  1. Tape down your client’s lower lid lashes using eyelash pads or eyelash paper tape to get them out of the way of the adhesive.
  1. Prep and cleanse your client’s skin and lashes. Use a cleansing wipe to remove any eye oils or eye makeup on your client’s eyelids. Then, apply an eyelash cleanser to the lashes using their dedicated brush, rinse them with water, and dab them dry.
  1. Gently swipe a lash wand to groom your client’s lashes and straighten them to stop them from getting all tangled up during the application process.
  1. Remove grown-out lashes using tweezers. You can catch the tip of the natural lash in one tweezer and that of the extension in another and gently peel them off. Alternatively, you can grab the natural lash closer to the root and the extension near the middle, then gently twist it until it loosens and comes off. Pro-Tip: If the extensions aren’t effortlessly coming off, you can use a tiny amount of gel remover on the lash you want to remove to loosen it up.
  1. Before you begin re-applying new extensions, it’s essential to prime your client’s lashes. Apply a few drops of eyelash extension primer using a disposable micro brush the same way you’d do a full set.
  1. Pick up one lash extension at a time and dip it into a tiny amount of adhesive. Then, gently apply it near the natural line, just like a new set of extensions. Pro-Tip:Sometimes, you’ll notice that one eye has more lashes than the other. We recommend starting with the eye with fewer lash extensions until both sides are balanced. Then, build up the thickness evenly as you go.

How Long Until Your Client Needs an Infill?

The natural lash cycle varies from one person to the other, and it depends on a few factors, including their genetics, environment, and the amount of care they give their lash extensions. That said, a person can typically expect to shed between 1 and 5 natural lashes every day, with the natural cycle repeating every 60 to 90 days.

Therefore, we recommend advising your clients to book their lash infill appointments 3-4 weeks after their initial lash appointment. If they go longer than that, the majority of their natural lashes will have shed, and what little is left will be too grown-out to infill due to their natural lashes’ growth.

It’s crucial that your client doesn’t wait too long before having a lash infill. Otherwise, they’ll most likely need a whole new set of lashes. This won’t only be more expensive, but will also take more time for you to create a new full set again.

The Bottom Line

Now that we’ve explained how to infill lash extensions like a boss, you can help your clients achieve the lustrous full eyelash look of their dreams while saving them the time and money required for a complete set.

So, try to encourage your clients to book their lash infill appointment during their initial appointment or right afterwards, because putting it off for too long will only make their life, and yours, more difficult.