How to Speed Up Lash Application

How to Speed Up Lash Application

Posted by Beauty Direct Wholesalers on 12th May 2022


How to Speed Up Lash Extension Application

Have you gotten great at creating amazing lash looks, but you’re struggling with speed? This can be especially frustrating if you’re having to turn down clients because you just don’t have the time. If you’d like to be able to help more clients in your day, you’ll need to find ways to do your job faster, while still being careful and precise.

Luckily, with practice, any lash technician can speed up their lash extension application without sacrificing quality. In this post, we’ll help you discover how.

Practice faster isolation

One key facet of lash extension application is isolation. It is one of the most important things in the process, and it’s also where you need to be the most precise.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics of lash extension isolation, then you can begin practicing quicker application.

If you know another lash artist, ask to try out some of her tweezers to see what works best for you. We recommend our Curved Tweezers or Straight Tweezers, they work a treat!

Place Eyelash pads well

If Eyelash pads are not covering the bottom lashes properly, they will keep popping up and get mixed in with the upper lashes. Separating these lashes will slow you down! So when you place the eye pads in the beginning, do it well.

How the lash room setup can help you speed up the application

  • Good lighting: Lighting is one of the most important parts of the setup for speedy application. If your light is dim and yellow, you can’t see all those tiny lashes (not to mention that it is a threat to your eye health in the long-term). This is the time to get yourself a bright fluorescent studio light.
  • A tidy lash cart: Use a lash cart next to your lash bed and pre-organize all the supplies you’ll need during the application. You can even organize the supplies according to your movement.
  • A table clock: To check your progress during the application, get yourself a simple table clock next to the bed (you should be able to see it easily). Checking your phone for the time not only slows you down, but it can also be quite distracting.
  • Thermometer & hygrometer: Change in humidity and temperature can affect the drying speed of lash extension glue and slows down your set. Always place a thermometer and hygrometer next to your lash bed.

Keep brushing and fluffing at a minimum

Yes, yes, we want our clients’ lashes to be absolutely perfect, but sometimes we just have to hold back on the primping and preening. One thing that tends to take up too much unnecessary time, especially with newer lash technicians, is fluffing lashes as they’re applied.

If you think your excessive brushing is caused by the anxiety and uncertainty about the design, make sure you write down the lash mapping (including the curls and lengths) on the under-eye pads before starting the application.

As for brushing, while yes, it is important, there’s no need to do it every few lashes or so. Instead, do it during times when your hands aren’t holding tweezers, like for example when you’re replacing your glue drop. Or when you need to check the overall design.

Being efficient with your time simply opens up more time for your clients, so don’t waste it.

How the client setup can help you speed up the application

  • Client preparation: When a client comes to the salon with eye makeup on, it can waste your precious time to remove mascara stuck in the lash line. Tell your client to come to the salon with no makeup on.
  • No chatting during the set: Of course, chatting with your client helps you bond, but when a client talks, she moves her face, and that in turn slows you down.
  • Client’s comfort: It’s really difficult to lash on twitchy eyes. Eyelid twitching comes from stress, anxiety, and caffeine. Make your lash room as comfortable as possible for the client so she can relax her eyes.
  1. Blanket: Make sure to have a cozy, weighted blanket
  2. Pillow: Provide a soft and fluffy cloud pillow
  3. Music: Play a soothing playlist so she can fall asleep
  4. No caffeine: Tell your client not to drink coffee before the appointment if possible.

Take advantage of your lash supplies

Some lash products were specifically designed to improve the process of lash extension, so of course they’ll also help you do your work quicker.

Here are some products with which you should arm your lash extension arsenal for quick, yet stunning lashes.

Lash primer

Lash primer should be your best friend. Because it removes all sorts of dirt and oil from your client’s lashes, it also keeps lashes from slipping off and increases their retention.

Imagine the horror and frustration of having to reapply an extension lash over and over again, and all just because you haven’t prepped your client’s lashes!

Make sure to never skip the primer, and you’ll be sure to attach lashes successfully the first time, giving you more time to complete the rest of the set…and the next client’s and the next clients...

Ultra Eyelash Extension Glue

If you’ve already built up your lashing skills well enough that you can start to go faster, then it’s time to graduate up to our Ultra Eyelash Extension Glue. It works in just one second and can retain lashes for up to 8 weeks. It definitely shaves the time off the application process, so you can do more lashes in less time.

Lint Free Applicator or Micro Brush

The unique applicator tip holds fluids in a non-drip suspension for targeted surface cleansing. It is an ideal alternative to traditional cotton swabs, which contain fibers that may get caught between natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Using lint free applicator or micro brush can help speed up the process of extension.

Go, Speed Lasher, Go

Each of the tips and methods above alone can already help you to be faster at creating fab lash looks. In combination, they’ll make you into the Wonder Woman of the lash industry!

The only thing we can say is to not force it. It’s better to learn to do things right then to be quick about it, so be sure to practice, practice, practice and with time you’ll be able to adopt quicker alternatives.