Individual Lash Trays

Posted by Jesse Lammi on 4th Feb 2020

Hi gals!

As many of you may know, we sell individual lash trays. Although premade lash trays are popular, if you are trained in russian volume lashes, you need these beauties.

These trays cost just $16.95 per tray and they are a great way to keep costs down. They can provide up to 5 times the amount of lashes than you get in premade lash trays, they just take longer to apply as you would guess. However, once you get quick, you can really save quite a bit of money using these. 

They are also used for individual lash extensions which quite a lot of people absolutely love as they are so light and are a more natural look. If you are looking to expand your variety for your business, definitely look at these to do so.

We sell these in 0.07's for volume lashes and 0.15 for classic lashes.

If you have any questions, contact us at >> [email protected] <3