Lash Extensions are Taking Over the Sunshine Coast!

11th Apr 2020

There’s one phenomenon that’s been virally taking over the world, and the Sunshine Coast, lately. It has been sweeping across the nation like nothing has ever done before. Your sister has it, your best friend has it and soon your mum will have it. That’s right, we’re talking about eyelash extensions!

Eyelash extensions in the Sunshine Coast have been taking off like a rocket lately. This is not random. There’s a good reason behind it – looking fabulous! Eyelash extensions can have you looking and feeling amazing. You’ll be able to post pics with the caption ‘I woke up like this’ honestly for once! Wake up looking like the best version of yourself with zero effort and maximum fabulousness.

Eyelash extensions are misunderstood and underappreciated just like spearmint milkshakes or French fries with ice cream. Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them! They are not as expensive or high maintenance as you may have thought. This article has been written to keep you informed on this massive trend of eyelash extensions in the Sunshine Coast. As a beauty technician, should you be offering this service? Keep reading for a deep dive into what eyelash extensions are, the different types, how to care for them and much more!

What Are Eyelash Extensions Anyway?

For the uninitiated, you may be wondering whether eyelash extensions are anything like assignment extensions, as in you’ll do it later? Nope, think more like hair extensions but for your eyes; Don’t worry they are a bit shorter than hair extensions though!

Eyelash extensions are extra eyelashes individually glued to your natural lashes by a lash technician. That’s where you come in - if you’re a beauty technician that’s considered doing eyelashes this article is for you. The technician carefully glues and lays each lash in precisely the right spot to achieve that perfect natural look. No one wants to look like they attached brooms to their eyes!

The fact that each lash is laid individually makes this type of false lashes highly customizable. The client can achieve any look they want when you use this type. There are plenty of options available – the short stem, long stem, pre-fanned, individual, 3D lashes… the list goes on! It’s all down to what you want to offer your clients and what style they prefer.

The main style factors your clients are likely to mention when detailing what they want are length, density and curl. You need to take what their natural lashes look like into consideration when choosing a style. You don’t want anything too heavy that will overwhelm and weigh down their natural eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions vs Fake Eyelashes

Wait, but what’s the difference between eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes? Don’t worry, we got you, girl! It’s a bit confusing because both kinds are technically false eyelashes. However, there is indeed a difference.

Let’s go over the differences between the two:

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions must be applied by a qualified technician. These are people like yourself who are expertly trained in applying false eyelashes to their customer. They should be buying the lashes from a high-quality supplier that creates lashes from premium materials.

Eyelash extensions are usually made up of individual eyelashes applied one-by-one. They can last for up to 8 weeks, depending on how you care for them (read on for all that info). They are more expensive as an upfront cost but provide great value due to how long they last.

Fake Eyelashes

On the other hand, we have fake eyelashes. Usually, people apply these themselves and it’s common to have trouble gluing down the edges. They are usually bought on the cheap at the local chemist. Of course, there is a whole range of prices and qualities of false lashes but by and large, they are cheaper than extensions.

However, they will only last for about one day. You should take them off before you go to sleep when you remove your makeup. So, that’s all the time you get wearing them. Generally, they are applied as one whole strip of lashes rather than individual ones. That’s because this is a lot easier and less time-consuming.

Eyelash Extensions vs Fake Eyelashes: A Summary

Eyelash Extensions Fake Eyelashes
Usually applied by a technician Apply yourself
Bought from a high-quality supplier Bought at the chemist
Individual lashes common Strip lashes more common
Last for 6 – 8 weeks (depending on care) One time/one-night use
More expensive but more value due to the length of wear Cheap as chips
Glued down by an experienced professional Hard to glue down

Why Are So Many People Getting Lash Extensions?

So, why do people get lash extensions in the first place? Often, it’s because they are looking for a more low maintenance beauty routine while still looking fab. Yes, you have to care for and maintain your lashes but it’s certainly a lot easier than applying false lashes every day.

Additionally, you’ll find that when you wake up in the morning it’s a lot easier and quicker to do your makeup. You’ll feel like you’re already halfway there with your eyelash extensions. You can get away with a bit of bb cream and maybe a bit of brow pencil or lipstick if you’re that way inclined, and you’re good to go!

Eyelash extensions are a great option if you enjoy living a low maintenance lifestyle but want to keep up appearances at the same time.

How Long do Lash Extensions Last?

Lash extensions can last you anywhere between 6 – 8 weeks. The length of time depends on how the client cares for their lashes. It’s important that if they haven’t had lash extensions before, you give them some tips on how to take care of them.

It’s your job as the lash technician to make sure they get the most out of their lashes because that will increase your customer retention rate. You want them to come back time and time again so you can build your business. This will only happen if they are satisfied with the quality of your service, which includes how long the lashes last.

Tips and Tricks for Caring for Eyelash Extensions

Caring for eyelash extensions is much like taking care of a baby. You must treat them delicately and clean them regularly or they will play up. There are lots of tips and tricks to make eyelash extensions last the distance. Eyelash extension cleanser will play a huge part in this.

Washing Your Extensions

  1. First, you must remove all your eye makeup. It’s recommended that you use an oil-free makeup remover, or it could cause the lashes to come unglued.
  2. Wet your eyes gently with cool water. It doesn’t need to feel like an ice bath, just cooler than room temp.
  3. Pump a bit of eyelash extension cleanser onto your (clean) hand – we love this lash foam product. Lather it up and apply with a wand designed especially for cleanser. Put only on one eye at a time (you need the other to see what you’re doing!).
  4. Rinse it off and carefully dab your lashes dry, don’t rub them.
  5. Repeat on your other eye.
  6. Use a lash wand to ‘comb’ your lashes and fan them out again.

Voila! You should do this roughly 2 or 3 times a week to keep your lashes in tip-top shape.

Makeup tips

Another consideration when you have eyelash extensions is how to do your makeup while not damaging them. Of course, you can put on things like foundation and lipstick as usual, that’s not a problem. Where it gets tricky is your eye makeup.

It’s recommended that you don’t wear mascara when you have eyelash extensions. Why? It’s less about having it on and more about removing it. It is a delicate art form to be able to remove mascara without removing lashes. As you wipe away your mascara it’s only natural that this causes your eyelashes to shed. That includes whether you have natural lashes or extensions. So, it can cause your extensions to look less than ideal. That’s why we recommend skipping mascara. You won’t need it anyway with your amazing looking lashes!

What about eyeliner? You may need eyeliner to finish off that perfect eye look. That’s fine if you avoid eyeliners which contain oils or waxes. These can, unfortunately, damage your lashes and cause them to come off. Many cream-based eyeliners do contain wax or oil, so watch out for those. Other than that, you’re good to go!

Lash Maintenance

Wait, what? I’ve already been cleaning my lashes – what else do I need to do? To keep properly lush looking lashes, you may want to consider lash maintenance in the form of infills. What are lash infills? They are a touch up on your lash extensions that help them look luscious for longer.

We know, we know, we said low maintenance. But your natural lashes shed as part of the normal cycle they go through. So, of course when you have extensions, the same will happen. Lashes with extensions will naturally shed and can cause some gaps. This means the extensions are no longer looking their best.

It’s important to let clients know about this as it’s normal and unpreventable. The solution you can offer is lash infills. Your customer could come back after 2 or 3 weeks for a set of lash infills. This keeps your clients coming back and the extensions looking their best, so everyone is happy.

If you want a guide on everything there is to know about lash infills, check out this article.

Different Kinds of Lash Extensions

As mentioned earlier, there are many different styles and kinds of lash extensions a technician can offer. The classic way of doing it is by applying one eyelash extension to each natural lash. This is a great way of perfectly customising how your client’s lashes will end up looking. This is great if you offer a signature style or your customer wants something very specific.

There are plenty of great products out there for this. We offer individual lashes in two thickness options.

Individual Lashes

Alternatively, you may prefer to use pre-fanned lashes. These are lashes which are pre-made with several lashes on one fan. This can offer clients more volume and generally, they will end up with more lashes using this method.

There are plenty of kinds of pre-fanned lashes. You can find them in 3D, 4D, 5D and so on. The number refers to the number of lashes that are on the fan that will be applied to each individual lash. For example, 3D lashes have 3 lashes on each fan. 3D eyelash extensions provide a fluffy intense look that only gets stronger the more lashes you choose.

We offer pre-fanned long stem or short stem lashes. here are your options:

Pre fanned Lashes

Long Stem

Short Stem

Whether you go for the classic individual lashes or pre-fanned is completely up to your preferences, and those of your clients. You could also offer a combination where you are happy to do either one on the client’s request.

Cost of Eyelash Extensions

Now that you know all about eyelash extensions and why people get them, we’re sure you’re interested in offering this service to your clients. The next logical question then, is how much should you be charging to do this?

As with pretty much anything in the service industry, the answer is: it varies. How long is a piece of string? The price you charge should depend on a few main factors:

  • The quality of products you use
  • Your length of experience in eyelash extensions
  • Your overheads
  • Competitor pricing

To give you an idea of price, the cost of lash extensions in the Sunshine Coast can cost around the $70 – 150 mark. That’s a big variety and you’ll likely be able to find cheaper or more expensive options out there too. Set your price according to the above factors and you should be set. You need to make sure that it’s worth it for yourself.


Lash extensions may have taken over the Sunshine Coast, but will they be taking over your business? They can turn a good profit, with the right training and quality products. You must be using incredible products so that your customers get the best experience they can and come back time and time again. Operating business as a lash technician, your success truly depends on whether or not your clients are happy enough with the end product to keep coming back, and to recommend you to their friends too!

Give your clients plenty of advice on how to keep their lashes looking like new. Explain the damage that mascara and oil or wax-based eyeliners can have. Make sure they have the right cleanser to clean their lashes. And, don’t forget to set up an appointment with them for infills.

You love your job because you enjoy giving customers that lift that they feel when they know they’re looking good. Give your clients the lashes of their dreams by using either individual or pre-fanned lashes. At the end of the day, it’s all about what the client is looking for and your job is to provide it to them.

Hopefully, you’ve gained some knowledge about eyelash extensions and the different kinds available to you. This knowledge will be vital in maintaining your business going forward. Hop on board this trend and make the most of Australia’s fascination with eyelash extensions. You won’t look back and your business will be thanking you for it.