Premade Fans

Posted by Jesse Lammi on 21st Jan 2020

We all love the industry and we all love a good set of eyelash extensions. When we buy eyelash extension trays, how do we know what to look for? What MAKES a good fan, and why?

Here are Beauty Direct Wholesalers, we wanted to be the best. Before commencing this amazing journey, we said we would base our company on quality. We spend close to a year searching for the best products, for you girls. We care more about your finished product than just selling whatever we can. Our goal is to build YOU! 

There are three main keys to a good fan: the materials, the bond and the tape on the tray.

1. The materials: Simply put, our lashes are made by Korean Silk. A harmless cruelty free product, which really does make for a beautiful look. There is just no need to purchase products such as mink. It is such a widespread industry which is here for the long run, and if we continue to buy things which harm our world, it becomes quite harsh. The quality of this silk is high level, we ensured that and the bonding quality is prestige.

2. The bond: An extremely imortant aspect of lash extensions is weight. HEAVY LASHES CAN HURT THE NATURAL LASH. Heat bonded lashes do not require glue as they are bonded together with heat. This keeps the weight of the fan down rather than doubling up the glue needed for the finished product. You can tell if lashes are heat bonded or glue bonded by looking at the stem of the fan. If its glue bonded, you can see webbing at the point where the lashes start to spread out which is the glue they have used to hold the fan together. If it's heat bonded, you will not see this. Aim for heat bonded ladies.

3. The tape: We have all used lashes where it is just so hard to get the fan off. There needs to be balance with the stickyness of the tape. If it's too sticky, the lash will simply fall apart as you try and remove it. If it isn't sticky enough, the lashes won't hold in storage. The lash tape holding the fans is often overlooked and is so important. This is something we searched for and ensured to perfect so you girls can easily remove the fans for fast application.

All of these factors are something we implicated into the trays we sell. We have extremely high quality fans, which really are so affordable.