The 7 Best Ways to Remove Eyelash Glue

23rd Nov 2020

Fake eyelashes are perfect for giving us the long, luminous look we all wish to live with –– they truly win when it comes to emphasizing the beauty of our eyes! However, the benefits can easily backfire if you attempt to remove them carelessly. You could end up harming your natural lashes, and we all know how long lashes take to recover and grow back again.

Since I know the struggle is real, in this article, I’ll cover the 7 best ways to remove eyelash glue from fake lashes. Let’s put an end to losing eyelashes during the process of removing eyelash glue!

1. Take a Hot Shower

A hot shower works wonders for loosening eyelash extensions. While you’re in the shower, don’t attempt pulling, plucking, or rubbing your lash extensions. I know it can be tempting to try and do so, especially if you feel them loosening, but believe me, you’ll regret it. Resist the temptation to avoid damaging both your natural lashes and eyes.

If you’ve ever attempted eyelash extensions, you’ll know how lash artists always advise us to never get our eyelashes wet with hot water or come near any steam to extend the lashes’ lifetime. Since we’re not looking to lengthen but rather end the cycle, hot water is your best bet. After you’re done with the shower, you could use tweezers to remove the eyelashes.

2. Steam Your Face

This is the shortened technique of the hot shower method. Here, you first remove your full makeup, including eye makeup, but you don’t come near the eyelashes. Then, you pour hot water into a large bowl and lean your face towards it so that the steam evaporates to your eyes.

By doing so, you soften the eyelash glue, and you also eliminate any stubborn dirt particles or bacteria that weren't removed during your makeup removal process. Just make sure you don't open your eyes while doing so. To be on the safe side, keep your eyes closed for 5-10 minutes.

3. Use a Lash Glue Dissolver

There’s a product for everything nowadays, which is why lash glue dissolvers actually exist. If you don’t have the patience to loosen the lashes and wait for the glue to dissolve from the heat of a shower, you should buy a glue or eyelash extension remover.

This product is manufactured in a way that considers the sensitivity of eyelashes as well as the delicateness of the eyes. Accordingly, you're guaranteed that you won't be damaging your natural eyelashes. Simply soak a cotton pad with the glue dissolver and apply it to the lashes, but take care of getting too close to your eyes.

4. Use an Oil-Based Cleanser

It’s a general rule that if you have a set of eyelash extensions on, you can’t ever use any oil-based cleaners. They’re known to shorten the lifetime of the extensions and cause them to fall out sooner than usual as a result of adhesive failure.

Since that failure is precisely what you’re looking for, oil cleansers will be a welcome addition to your makeup kit! And it’s a win-win situation, you’ll use it as a cleanser for your face, and simultaneously, you’ll move it in circular motions on your lashes to dissolve the glue.

If you plan to use the eyelashes again, make sure to peel off the remaining glue off –– you'll find it near the base of the eyelashes. Then, clean the eyelashes themselves really well because the glue won't stick to the lashes next time if there's any remaining oil.

5. Create Your Own Cleaning Solution

If you’re a DIY girl, you’ll find it easy to create your own eyelash cleaning solution. It’s actually pretty simple; all you’ll need to do is fill a small bowl with some hot or warm water and put in some soap. If you prefer, you could also add a gentle eye makeup cleanser or liquid makeup remover.

After that, you can use a cotton pad to apply the solution to your eyelashes to dissolve the glue and take off the lashes. Alternatively, if you've already taken off your falsies but want to get rid of the glue, submerge the falsies into the solution and rub them off gently to dissolve both the adhesive and any remaining makeup.

6. Use Oil

If oil-based cleaners aren’t your thing, you could simply use oil. This is typically a more convenient option because just about any oil you have on hand will do.

Put 2-3 drops of it on a cotton ball and gently rub the cotton on your eyelids. When it’s no longer dripping, further press the cotton on your eyes in a downward motion, especially to the roots of the eyelashes, to ensure that the full area on which the glue was applied is covered.

You’ll be surprised by how easily they detach the glue and the eyelashes from your skin seamlessly. You’ll no longer have to dread going home because of the pain of taking out your eyelashes!

7. Apply Eye Cream

Moisturizers that contain oils can also contribute to breaking down eyelash glue, so if you have an eye cream with argan, jojoba, sunflower, or other oils, they’ll do the job and more! The effects will even be more targeted since you’re using a product that’s eye-targeted. And you’ll reap the benefits of eye care as a plus!

Final Tips

Whether you’re a regular user of eyelash extensions or even a newbie, it’s a must to understand how to remove eyelash glue because not only is removing eyelashes by force painful, but you’ll also harm your actual lashes and may cause bald spots without noticing.

So, instead of being tempted to pick at the extensions, the 7 best ways to remove eyelash glue I’ve shared should give you a much easier time. Also, always remember that your choice of eyelash glue also plays a role in how hectic the eyelashes will be to remove. Make sure to opt for a premium pick to have fun with the falsies!