The Best Glues for Eyelash Extensions

17th May 2020

As a beauty technician, finding the perfect eyelash extension glue can be the bane of your existence. Either they don’t last long enough, or you can’t get them off. They take too long to dry, or they are too sticky.

Eyelash glues can also have a really nasty chemical odour that’s off-putting for your clients and headache-inducing for you. It’s hard because many of you are working all day from a small room, which may not have great ventilation. Then these smells can quickly become overpowering.

No matter what your struggle is, we’ve found your perfect eyelash extension glue. Lash bars all over Australia and the Sunshine Coast are loving these lash glues. We have compared and contrasted our top-selling glues, so you know the best eyelash extension glue to use in different situations. Whether you need glue for individual eyelash extensions, 3d lashes, or other pre-fanned lashes, the answer is right here.

Eyelash Glue

Eyelash extension glue is the glue placed on individual or pre-fanned lashes that adheres to a client’s natural lashes. Beauty therapists usually look for glues that dry quickly, are easy to use, and don’t make a mess.

There are plenty of lash glue options to choose between. The eyelash extension glue you use comes down to a matter of personal choice. It depends on how your services work. Some prefer to use a glue that lasts for a long time, so clients don’t have to get a new set of extensions often. These therapists usually focus on offering lash infills instead. Others prefer to have clients come for a new set of lashes each time, so these therapists may choose a glue that lasts for a shorter length of time.

Gluing Pre-Fanned Lashes

If you’re using pre-fanned lashes, remember that these are heavier than individual eyelash extensions. This means that your glue choice will be even more important. Using a glue that is not strong enough and doesn’t hold well could mean that the extensions start peeling off well before their time.

gluing pre-fanned lashes

Pre-fanned lashes are offered in 3D, 4D, 5D and even 6D variations. The number before the D tells you how many lashes are on that fan. The higher the number, the heavier they are, so be aware of this when selecting a glue.

Eyelash Extension Glue vs Strip Lash Glue

You may be wondering what exactly the difference between eyelash glue for extensions vs fake lashes is. These two are actually worlds apart.

The main difference is that fake lashes are not supposed to stay on for weeks at a time but for one day only. This means that the glue is nowhere near as powerful as the ones used for eyelash extensions.

Generally, false lashes are sold with adhesive included. This may be in a separate tube or sometimes applied as a strip to the back of the lashes. It’s sticky enough to last the day but no longer. and that’s what you want, otherwise, they would be impossible to remove!

Another difference is in how you get the glue off. With strip lashes, you can just start peeling from one end and it will come off in one go. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, must be removed by a professional using an eyelash extension gel remover.

Lash Glue Criteria

There are many criteria that factor into which eyelash glue a lash bar may choose to use for their extensions. These were important for establishing the factors we would use to compare the products. What makes any glue the best eyelash extension glue? If we were to treat it like a science experiment, then below are the variables:

Bonding Time

To get repeat clients who are happy with their eyelash extensions, the lashes must last for a long time. People don’t want to come back every few weeks for a full new set of lashes because the last ones shed.

That’s where the factor of how long the glue lasts comes in. The longer the glue is likely to last, the better.

Price and Bottle Size

Price is, of course, a factor. Higher costs mean you need to charge more for your lash extension services. However, you don’t want to get one that’s too budget because you won’t get the best end results. It’s a real pickle trying to figure out where on the price spectrum to go.

Bottle size comes in to play here because sometimes products you see, especially online, look cheap. It’s only when you receive it that you realize it was cheap because it was much smaller than similar products. That’s why we’ve included these two factors together here.

Drying time

Drying time can vary wildly between different lash glues. You’ll find ones that set anywhere from half a second through to a couple of seconds. It is important to note that this ties in with longevity. Sometimes it is worth having a glue which takes longer to set if it will bond stronger with the lashes and have a better hold.

Temperature and Humidity

In general, eyelash extension glue dries at a pretty standard Aussie temp. The humidity can be harder to maintain though. It’s important to compare these factors between different kinds of lash glue as well because they can vary a lot.


One criterion to consider when choosing a glue is the smell. That’s because we know how overwhelming a smell can get in a small room. It can be hard to air out some of the rooms in a beauty salon, or if you offer eyelash extensions from your own home in the Sunshine Coast. The smell can linger on long after the client has left.

That’s not to mention that it’s unpleasant for the client too. You want to provide an environment they can’t wait to come back to. That doesn’t include having any nasty smells. That’s why we decided that this smell criterion was so important.

All three of our glues tested very high on the nice-smelling spectrum. They are formulated to avoid having that intense chemical smell you often find with these types of products.

Best Eyelash Extension Glue

Beauty Direct Wholesalers offer three of the best eyelash glues in the business. They are all premium glue options made from high-quality ingredients. They are completely safe for use on your clients’ delicate eye areas.

Premium Lash Glue

Our Premium Lash Glue offers lash technicians a solid, quality product to use on their clients’ individual eyelash extensions. Just as good for use on pre-fanned lashes, this glue adheres for 4-6 weeks.

This is a good glue to use if you want your clients to come back for a new set of lashes in around 4 weeks or offer infills and make them last all 6 weeks. Note that this timing will depend on the shedding rate of their lashes. Many things can affect this from how well they care for their lashes, to how often their lashes naturally shed.

It is one of the cheaper glues at just $39.95. It’s a good choice if you want to save on money but still want a glue that will dry fast and stay on lashes for a good amount of time.

Slow Drying Eyelash Extension Glue

The Slow Drying Eyelash Extension Glue may take longer to dry, but it adheres to clients’ lashes for longer. That’s the main benefit of waiting a bit longer for the glue to dry. Most clients will find it worth it to wait a bit longer and then have their lashes last for up to 2 weeks more.

It works optimally at a temperature of between 19 – 24 degrees Celsius. This is around the temp that most beauty salons or lash bars would keep their rooms at anyway. It’s a comfortable temperate for customers while being great for the glue as well.

This glue is exactly the same price as the Premium Lash Glue but with the added bonus of being longer-lasting. This makes it a tough glue to compete with for best lash glue.

Ultra Eyelash Extension Glue

Beating out the other two for our top spot of best glue for lashes is the Ultra Eyelash Extension Glue. If your client is pressed for time but also wants long-lasting eyelash extensions, this is the best lash glue to use. This makes it a must-have glue in any lash bar or beauty salon.

It is more expensive than the other two at $49.95 but that’s the price you pay for this must-have product. Considering the longevity, drying time and how many uses you’ll get out of the bottle, the cost is well worth it.

By using this glue, you’ll have delighted customers who want to come back to you time and time again. Keep your customers happy as well as your senses - this glue doesn’t have that pungent smell that many others do. All round, it’s a great product.

Here’s a handy quick reference guide to our glues:

Premium Lash Glue Slow Drying Eyelash Extension Glue Ultra Eyelash Extension Glue
Drying Time 0.5 – 1s 1 – 3s 0.5 – 1s
Temperature 19 – 24°C 19 – 24°C 19 – 24°C
Humidity 45 – 55% 45 – 55% 45 – 55%
Bonding Time 4 – 6 weeks 6 – 8 weeks 6 – 8 weeks
Price $39.95 AUD $39.95 AUD $49.95 AUD
Bottle Size 10ml 10ml 10ml

Your Secret Weapons for Making It Stick

We’ve got three top tips for you that will help your eyelash extensions bond properly and last for longer. These three products can be added into your eyelash extension kit to give you an edge over your competitors. We know there’s a lot of competition for eyelash extensions on the Sunshine Coast. These products could make the difference between a customer coming back because they loved their extensions, or not.

Lash Primer

One thing that will help the lashes stick effectively is to use a lash primer before you start putting the extensions on. Lash primers are designed to prepare the eyelashes to have extensions applied. They give the glue an optimal surface to adhere to. This is a product you need to have. Our primer comes in a 15ml bottle which will last you long enough to apply many sets of lashes.

How to Use Lash Primer

Grab a micro brush and pop a small amount of lash primer onto it. Spread the primer thinly over the client’s lashes. Please note that this product should only be used by professionals. You do not want this product to get into anyone’s eyes.

Nano mister

The next tool you need in your arsenal is a nano mister. What on earth is that? It is a small object that you can hold which will spray a fine mist of water over your client’s lashes. The reason why you’d want to do this is that getting the lashes damp helps the glue bond stronger. The end result is that the eyelash extensions will last longer. Longer lasting lashes = happy clients = more income for you.

How to use your Nano Mister

After you’ve applied the eyelash extensions, simply grab your nano mister and spray lightly. This should be about 30cm away from the client’s lashes (eyes closed, of course). This will ensure that no drops will fall into their eyes.

Conditioning Fan

The next, equally important item, is a conditioning fan. It works in a similar way to the nano mister by providing moisture to lash extensions after application. It spreads cool, moist air over lashes with a sponge and fan technique.

How to Use a Conditioning Fan

There is a sponge in the back of the product. This is what provides the cool moisture. Remove the sponge, wet it, and keep it in the fridge. Then, when you need it, grab it out and put it in the fan. Then just use lightly over a client’s new lash extensions. Keep it 20 – 30cm away from the eyelashes for optimal results.


The eyelash extension glue that you choose can make or break your business. It’s the difference between customers who’ll come back to you many times over and customers whose lashes haven’t lasted the distance. Make sure that you only use the very best eyelash extension glue and products you can find. This should ensure your success as an eyelash extension specialist.

Don’t forget our handy tips for making sure lashes last. Using a nano mister or conditioning fan can make extensions last even longer. This could mean that you have clients coming back more for infills as the majority of their lashes are staying put. This is fantastic for your business.

After comparing the three best eyelash extension glue options, they are all great products, but one definitely came out on top. The Ultra Eyelash Extension Glue was the best in bonding time as well as drying time, making it the best value overall as well.

Coming in a tied close second were the Premium Lash glue and Slow Drying Eyelash Extension Glue. These both have their merits and are great for use in different situations. The slow drying glue is good for when clients have time to wait for it to dry. Use the premium lash glue if a client is in a hurry.

No matter which eyelash extension glue you go for on this list, stick with it, and see your business dreams come true.