The Top 5 Best Liquid Eyeliners of 2020

3rd Aug 2020

We all know the struggle it is to have all your makeup looking amazing - eyelash extensions, lipstick and eyeshadow all perfect. Then you go to put on your liquid eyeliner and screw it all up! We’ve all been there.

Whether you’re a fan of a clean line, cat eye or geometric experimentation, you understand how vital it is to find the perfect liquid eyeliner. There are so many different kinds of liquid eyeliner on the market. Everyone has their own style they prefer, a thin brush, thick brush, crayon style. No matter what it is, you’re sure to find your perfect liquid liner on this list.

It’s hard to find the perfect liquid eyeliner to go with your gorgeous eyelash extensions to complete the look. That’s why we’ve reviewed the top 5 liquid eyeliners of 2020 – so you can create that perfect cat eye the first time. We’re looking for something that won’t rub off, won’t smudge or budge throughout a long workday. It has to be easy to apply and not too difficult to remove before you collapse into bed after a night of hitting the vino.

Why Apply Liquid Eyeliner?

So, you’ve got your lash extensions or false eyelashes but you’re getting ready to hit the town and need that something extra to give you a bit of va va voom. That’s where your liquid eyeliner will come in! It can turn your look instantly from day to night. Just pop a bit of shimmery eyeshadow on those lids and you’re good to go.

Liquid eyeliner can also elevate your look during the day if you want to go from natural to a bit glam. It’s hard to get your makeup perfect for the office without overdoing it. A thin stroke of eyeliner could be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Tips and Tricks for Applying Eyeliner

Don’t be intimidated if you’re not a liquid eyeliner maestro. It takes some time to learn and you need a good eye and a steady hand. We’ve compiled some of our best tips and tricks for you to learn how to perfect the art of liquid eyeliner.

Tip #1 – Short Strokes

Rather than trying to apply your eyeliner in one fell swoop, try using short, small brushstrokes to achieve the desired look. This will be much easier for beginners than trying to draw one perfect line right across the eye. Small and steady wins the race!

Tip #2 – Stop the Shakes

It can be hard to keep a steady hand when you’re applying your liquid eyeliner. Even a small misstep can have disastrous results, causing you to have to start all over from square one. The solution is to sit somewhere that you can rest your arm on, such as a table or desk. Having an armrest will result in greater stability and hopefully no more messes!

Tip #3 – The Brush Matters

We find that when applying liquid eyeliner, it’s easier if you start out by buying a liner with the right kind of brush. There are all sorts of brushes from tiny flimsy ones (hello mistakes!) to thick crayon-style ones. The 5 that made the cut for our list are all fairly similar brush styles as we think it’s the one that works best. They feature thin felt-tip style brushes that won’t flop about all over the place.

Handy Advice for Removing Eyeliner

The most important tip we can give you about removing eyeliner if you have eyelash extensions is to use an oil-free makeup remover. Oil-based ones can cause the eyelash glue to lose its strength and slide off.

Simply grab a cotton pad, pop some makeup remover on it and dab gently on your eyeline. You want to apply it carefully along the side to avoid touching the lashes as much as possible. You don’t want to accidentally cause your lashes to shed.

If you’re having problems with the cotton pad disintegrating, as some brands do, consider using the edge of a facecloth instead.

Another option is to try the Face Halo product. It is a cloth designed especially for makeup removal, so you could try this as well. All it requires is water and it’s amazing at wiping away even tough to remove makeup. Just keep it away from your eyelash glue! Eyelash extension removal needs to be done by a professional with a proper eyelash extension gel remover.

Once you’ve safely removed your eyeliner, you may be wondering how to properly wash your lash extensions. This Eyelash Cleanser and Brush Combo is where it’s at for having clean, fresh feeling lashes.

Our Review of the Top 5 Liquid Eyeliners for 2020

Right, we know what you came for so let’s get on with it! Who came out on top to make the cut for our list of the top 5 liquid eyeliners for 2020?

We looked at the price, staying power, and applicator of each product. In terms of importance, staying power was definitely our number one criterion in determining which ones were the best. After all, there’s no point in putting on eyeliner if it rubs off within an hour.

We’ve selected the following 5 for our list, but they are in no particular order. There are pros and cons that come along with each one but these were the best 5 on the market.

Always On Liquid Liner


Smashbox is known for its photo finish foundation primer. Users come back to this one time and time again to put under their makeup. Smashbox hail from LA and make cruelty-free makeup including primers, lipsticks and foundation. And, of course, eyeliner.

Their Always On Liquid Liner has an eye-catching design, with the black tube and red cap. But will it line your eyes the way you want?


This liner can be purchased for $35 from Mecca, earning it the first equal title for most expensive. However, it’s important to note that all the products in this review are between $30 - $35 so it’s not a huge amount more expensive than the others.

Staying Power

This liner is waterproof and smudge resistant. It is designed to last all day long no matter what the day throws at you.


This eyeliner has a fine precision tip, especially for nailing those difficult looks. It also has an ergonomic design so you can hold it steady, allowing for fantastic lines.

Our Verdict

This eyeliner dries out quite fast. It’s such a pain to have to buy a product often because it keeps drying out, and that’s the problem some people have with this one. It’s unfortunate as it does go on dark and has great staying power.

Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner

Too Faced

Too Faced are an extremely popular cruelty-free makeup company. They are owned by Estee Lauder and are well known for their game-changing products. Shadow primer, plumping lip gloss and glitter eyeshadow are among their must-haves. But what about their eyeliner?

The Better Than Sex Eyeliner (a big call!) is waterproof and claims to be smudge-proof as well as flake-proof. The last thing you want is to spend all that time perfecting your cat-eye just for your eyeliner to flake off.


In the middle of the pricing range, this eyeliner will set you back $34 at Mecca.

Staying power

The eyeliner will stay put all day. You may need an evening touch up if you’re heading out for after-work drinks, but that’s it. It glides on smooth and dark black.


The applicator is a dual fibre brush. It’s created to be flexible and glide on smoothly. It’s not hard to achieve a good tightline with this brush. The end is quite thin, which is good for drawing fine, precise lines.

Our Verdict

Overall, reviewers find that this liner stays on really well and is a great product to work with. It looks fab with eyelash extensions to create the ideal look. The only drawback found was that after a while the brush starts breaking, which is not ideal for creating clean lines.

Tattoo Eyeliner

Kat Von D

Kat Von D specializes in vegan beauty products with staying power. One of their most well-known products, apart from the Tattoo Eyeliner, is their Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. People claim that this one will stay on even while you’re eating, and it has to be seen to be believed.

Their Tattoo Eyeliner has attracted devotion amongst beauty fanatics, due to its length of wear and dark black pigment. Whether it lives up to its name, we’ll see.


This one is the cheapest option on our list, available for just $30 at Sephora. Not a bad price, although it comes in at $10 more expensive than Sephora’s own brand.

Staying Power

The staying power of this eyeliner is world-renowned, and it lives up to the hype. It certainly stays in place no matter what, this stuff doesn’t budge.


We really liked this felt tip applicator. It doesn’t dry out easily, like some other brands and it goes on effortlessly.

Our Verdict

This eyeliner has achieved its cult status and following for a reason. It is amazing, stays on all day (even through a sweaty gym sesh) and is so easy to apply. It’s not easy to wow us with eyeliner as we’re all lash gals here but we’re very impressed.

Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner


Stila cosmetics are another favourite with beauty fans. They are famous for their incredible eyeshadows, even offering liquid eyeshadow products. They have made a name for themselves for having quality products that look amazing.

The Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner is supposed to live up to its name and stay all day. But does it? We put it to the test.


Tying for first equal for most expensive with the Smashbox Always On Liquid Liner, this beauty comes in at $35 from Mecca.

Staying power

This is a fantastic eyeliner that’s determined to stay on your face. Just like a piece of hair caught in your lip gloss, it’s not going anywhere in a hurry. It is great for gliding on easily and then staying there.


The tip of this applicator is quite flexible, which is very handy for newbies to liquid liner. It helps you get a clean line without having to be quite as precise.

Our Verdict

This was a great product with a fantastic applicator and some real staying power. However, users often find that it runs out quite quickly, so be aware of that.

Flyliner Liquid Eyeliner

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Fenty Beauty may be a newer player in the beauty market, but they are not to be overlooked. This brand was created by Rihanna with all skin types in mind. Another brand to achieve cult status, it has focused solidly on creating the very best products.

The Flyliner Liquid Eyeliner offers something different in design, with a tri-grip pen. It claims to have a long-wearing, non-transfer finish. It’s waterproof and dries fast too. Is it all too good to be true?


Solidly in the middle price-wise of our 5 options, this eyeliner costs $33 at Sephora.

Staying power

This product stays on no matter what. It is a great eyeliner that does exactly what it says it will do – stay on without transferring, smudging or coming off.


The end of this felt tip applicator is extra-long and flexible for creating the perfect wing on your eyeliner. You can create thin or thick lines with this versatile applicator. It can be used from any angle for many different eye shapes as it was made to suit everyone.

Our Verdict

We found this eyeliner very easy to use and each stroke was precise, with great pigmentation. This one lives up to the standard that Fenty Beauty upholds for their products.

Complete the Look with Lashes

No fantastic cat eye is complete without some long, voluminous lashes to go with it. Lashes are the finishing touch to any makeup look. You know when you’ve spent hours doing the perfect eyeshadow, liner and foundation, then leave the house without doing your mascara? It just doesn’t look right!

So that you can never forget your mascara again, eyelash extensions are a great option. Eyelash extensions in the Sunshine Coast are getting more and more popular for a reason – they look great! Whether you want natural eyelash extensions or a full-on glam set, it’s all possible.

Especially with our range of both pre-fanned and individual eyelash extensions. Check out our massive range of pre-fanned options here and individual eyelash extensions here. Beauty technicians love these styles as they offer the perfect look. Whether your client wants to look like they woke up like this, or wants more of a glamazon look, it can be achieved with these lashes.


Liquid eyeliner and eyelash extensions go together like marmite and toast. You need both to get the best out of either one. Finding the perfect liquid eyeliner isn’t easy but we found some fantastic options for you to try. Whether price, staying power or the applicator is the deciding factor for you, you’ll find your perfect liner within our top 5.

Once you’ve got your liner sorted, the perfect lash extensions are where it’s at. We have a fantastic range to choose from that will have you covered no matter what sort of look your client wants. Whether you’re a fan of pre-fanned or individual, we got you.

Now, go forth and slay the eyeliner game with the amazing looks you can create with one of these products!