Crystal Glue Stone


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Using a Crystal Glue Stone changes the game in how you apply eyelash extensions. This gorgeous crystal stone was created with lash technicians in mind. It is designed to keep eyelash extension glue cool for longer. It is crafted from highly durable materials so it’s unlikely to break if you drop it. We know how hectic it can be around your salon!

You need to clean this crystal glue stone between uses as your applicator is going from this to the client and back. You must adhere to hygiene practices to avoid cross-contamination between clients. Luckily, this stone is easily cleaned due to its non-porous surface. Place it on your work station within easy reach to make the application process quicker.

No eyelash technician should be working without this amazing tool. It is extremely handy and once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever did your job without it.

As this Crystal Glue Stone keeps your glue cool, it can prevent your glue from drying out while you’re using it. It can also minimise how much glue you use on each client because you’re not wasting any.


  • Beautiful, elegant look

  • Easy to clean

  • Keeps glue in easy reach

  • Reduce drips

  • Keep glue cool for longer