Eyelash Cleanser and Eyelash Cleanser Brush (Combo)


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Our high-quality Eyelash Cleanser and Brush Combo was designed to gently cleanse the eyelashes. This leaves them feeling them clean and refreshed. Using these products will leave you and your clients with lush, healthy lashes!

The Eyelash Extension Cleanser is ideal for both professional and general use. Your clients will love how soft the formula makes their lashes feel and you’ll love the low price tag. It’s also a product that is suitable for use on those with more sensitive skin.

The cleanser is easy to use. Simply swipe onto your clients’ lashes, rinse the lashes with water and dab dry.

The cleanser brush is ideal for applying the cleanser. It features soft bristles, allowing you to lightly wipe on the eyelash cleanser to the lashes.

For lash technicians or the general public who want more than one of these because they love them so much, we offer bulk pricing. More savings means that you can buy more!


  • 5 or more - $19.50 each

  • 10 or more - $19.00 each

  • 15 or more - $18.50 each

  • 20 or more - $18.00 each


  • Two-in-one combo of cleanser and brush

  • Bulk pricing to save you money

  • Fantastic cleanser with irritant-free formula

  • Cleanser brush with soft bristles