Eyelash Extension Gel Remover


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This is a fantastic premium quality Eyelash Extension Gel Remover. It was designed especially for your clients who suffer from sensitive skin. It was formulated not to irritate the skin when you are removing eyelash extensions from your clients.

It goes on smoothly without any gunk that’s difficult to spread. Instead, it will simply glide on to the lashes with ease. Unlike other products, it doesn’t require rubbing or pulling to remove the lash extensions. It does its job thoroughly so it’s a breeze to take off lashes.

You can use it by placing a small drop onto a micro brush. Use this to spread it gently and evenly throughout the eyelash extensions. This amazing product works to break down the glue bonds holding the lashes in place. The lashes will gently come off, along with any excess glue or residue. Your clients will be left with clean lashes prepped and ready for primer. It comes in the 15 ml size which should last you for many clients as you don’t need a large amount for each set of lashes.


  • Easily removes glue from eyelash extensions

  • Smooth, easy to spread formula

  • Great for sensitive skin