Eyelash Extension Primer


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To get eyelash extensions to properly adhere to natural lashes, it’s best to use an Eyelash Extension Primer. This primes the surface so that the eyelash extension glue can form a much stronger bond to the lash extensions. 

You need this product in your arsenal of tools to give your clients the best eyelash extensions possible. This product feels silky smooth and can even be used on sensitive skin as it is non-irritating.

Use it by placing a small drop onto a micro brush and spreading it throughout the lashes. It glides on easily and will assist the glue you put on afterwards to adhere strongly. It can help the lashes last longer, which is fantastic news for both your clients and your ratings.

This 15ml bottle will last you through many client sessions. Simply use a new micro brush every time to keep the formula bacteria-free. Always adhere to hygiene standards for the safety of your customers. This product is best used by professionals with expertise in lash application.


  • Great for ensuring that glue has a strong bond

  • Can make extensions last for longer

  • Smooth formula with lovely scent