Glue Remover ball


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This Glue Remover Ball is ideal for getting sticky residue off your tweezers between uses. When glue remains on the tweezers between lash extension applications, the new lash may stick to the tweezers and not go onto the client’s lashes. This is annoying and can make the application much more difficult. A glue remover ball will solve this problem.

Glue is notoriously hard to clean off surfaces and applicators. Having a glue ball is the much easier option as it will soak up the eyelash extension glue. This will leave you with shiny, smooth tweezers. Simply keep this Glue Remover Ball next to your work station for easy access. It will make the lash application much simpler.

You can use this product along with any of our lash glues for best results. It even works with our Ultra Eyelash Extension Glue, which is known for its strong adhesive properties.

Why not grab a few of these to use in your lash bar? You can keep them next to each work station for easy reach.


  • Keeps your tweezers clean

  • Long-lasting

  • No mess cleaning