Lash Application

Hi Lash Tech’s!

We believe in the importance of the application process. It is essential it is done in the correct way in order to leave your clients happy and satisfied. We also understand how important glue retention is for business and how it can affect cash flow. If a customer isnt satisfied with the longetivity of their lashes, it means they may not return. However, if they are satisfied, you may possibly have gained a long term client.

We have provided this step by step application process to help anyone get these results.

We wish you all a healthy business and gorgeous lashes!

eyelash being cleaned

Step 1: Ensure to clean your client’s lashes!

If dirt, oil or any form of residue is present on the client’s lashes, it will act as a barrier and the glue will not adhere properly. Simply use a brush to lightly apply the cleanser to the client’s lashes. The cleanser eliminates this barrier and prepares the lashes for the next stage.

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lash foam combo

Step 2: Prime!

The primer will prepare the lashes for the glue to adhere properly. With out the primer, the glue will not hold up to its claimed retention.

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eyelash extension primer

Step 3: Apply Lashes.

When picking the lashes from the tray, ensure the tweezers grip down low on the stem of the fan. Attempts to grip up high will lead to the lashes pulling apart. Separation of the natural lashes is key here to ensure no natural lashes are adhering together. Just one lash, to one fan.

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eyelash extensions

Step 4: Cure!

A mist of H2O will allow the glue to fully activate and set once the eyelashes have been applied. This is where the Nano Mister works perfectly. Just open it up to start the mist and hold it about 30 cms aways from the lashes for about 5 seconds. It will result in longer retention, and also provides a refreshing experience for your clients.

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Nano Mister

Step 5: Fan to finish

The conditioning fan allows for a perfect finish. It blows cool air over the area to completely dry the lashes after the nano mister and feels wonderful for the client. It provides that lash touch.

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Conditioning Fan

Step 6: Book their next appointment

Book their next appointment and Inform the customer of the eyelash cleanser and the importance of clean lashes. Upselling is key!

We do hope this was helpful and wish you all the best!

Good luck babes!

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