Lash Wand (PK 50)


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These stand-out pink Lash Wands come in a pack of 50 so they should last you for a long time. The fabulous pink colour will stand out in your lash bar no matter the colour scheme.

These disposable Lash Wands are designed to groom and tidy the lashes. Use one before, during and after applying eyelash extensions. Simply swipe the wand over the lashes to keep them from getting tangled during the lash extension process. Use only once as you don’t want to mix tools that you use on different clients due to hygiene practices.

These wands are perfect for both professional and general use. Whether you’re a lash technician looking for a tool or someone with lash extensions who wants to keep them tidy, this is the product for you.

Use one before applying our Eyelash Extension Gel Remover. This will straighten the lashes to make the lash extension removal process much easier. Then the gel remover will take the lashes off without any trouble.


  • Stunning pink colour

  • 50 in a pack

  • Gentle for use on lashes