Nano Mister


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This quality Eyelash Nano Mister can be used to provide moisture to your clients’ lashes. Nano misters have quickly become a must-have tool for many lash technicians. That’s because ensuring that your client’s lashes are moist enough can help the eyelash extension glue to set stronger.

Consider using it with our Ultra Eyelash Extension Glue for optimal results. You will need to put the glue on first and apply the new extensions before using the mister.

The Nano Mister is created to apply a light mist over your clients’ lashes. The extra moisture will help the glue to bond stronger with the natural lashes. Every client wishes that their lash extensions would last longer, and you can make it happen with this mister!

Simply hold it approximately 30cm away from the eyes and mist. This will ensure that no droplets fall into the client’s eyes. Included with this product is a refill bottle so it’s easy to refill your Nano Mister. This should be a requirement in any lash technician’s set of eyelash extension supplies.


  • Ensures the lashes are long-lasting

  • Easy to use

  • Safe to use near the eyes - hold 30cm away