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We all love the industry and we all love a good set of lash extensions. When we buy lash extension trays, how do we know what to look for? What MAKES a good fan, and why? Here are Beauty Direct Wholesalers, we wanted to be the best. Since the beginning of our journey, we have said we would base our company on quality. We spend close to a year searching for the best products, for you girls. We care more about your finished product and the quality than just selling whatever we can. Our goal is to build YOU, to make you a quality lash technician!  Read more.. 

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Pre-made Vs Handmade volume fans

We are with you girls, lashing is an art form! Anyone who has learned volume lashing can agree that there is much more that goes into it than the classic technique. With Classic lashing, there are a few steps. You first isolate the natural lash, pick up the classic extension, dip it in your adhesive, and place onto the natural lash. It sounds much easier than it is, but isolating can be the trickiest part to learn as a new artist. Volume lashing is an entirely different animal. Between choosing the proper diameter and length, the micro-movements the muscles in your hands make to create fans, and the careful wrap on the natural lash once the fan is properly placed- your lash hands are FULL!

At Beauty Direct, we sell a range of quality pre-made fans to suit all lash technicians. Our range covers 3D to 10D pre-made lash fans that have been sourced to provide a quality product to the lash technician this making their clients very, very happy! We often get asked what the difference between handmade lash fans is and pre-made lash fans.

Pre-made fans

Pre-made fans, just as the name implies, are created by the manufacturer and delivered to the artist ready to be dipped and placed on a client’s lash. The process for creating pre-made fans is similar to that of strip lashes. A person is involved, but they are completely assisted by machines. Pre-made volume fans are then either bonded at the base by a tiny amount of adhesive or are heat bonded. The finished product comes inside a tray, on a sticky strip, like individual lash extensions.

Handmade fans (also known as pro-made fans)

Handmade, also known as “pro-made” fans are created by the lash artist without the use of machinery. These are often made in real time during the appointment. Handmade fans are created by removing a few extensions from the strip, they are then fanned using the artist’s preferred method, dipped into the adhesive, and placed on the client’s lash creating a secure bond on the natural lash. To pro-make fans, you repeat the same process, and instead of placing the fan on the natural lash, the adhesive is rapidly cured and stored for later use. Read more…

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We aim to build an authentic community of partners who are passionate about our brand. Apply now for an opportunity to gain access to perks and help your business grow. As an ambassador, you will receive perks including samples of our new, quality lash products, featured on Instagram and a personalized discount code for all our products.

Lash Artist Reviews

Michaela - Bayside Advanced Skin & Beauty
3D Fans
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I use these for my natural volume sets and hybrid and they are amazing quality. They are always consistent and the quality never drops off. Highly recommend!
Lash tile
Read More
Obsessed with these large lash tiles. So perfect for my hybrid sets. Haven't seen tiles this big anywhere else.
Flawless Finish
Read More
I have used the 3D 0.7 volume lashes on quite a few of my clients and they have an absolutely gorgeous and flawless finish.! All the hard work of making the perfect fan is already done so there is more time for lashing! In love!!
Rebecca Dolby
Absolutely Love These!
Read More
Love using these fans they are very easy to remove off the strip, and they attach well to the natural lash they stay fanned out and don’t close up. My clients are always happy with there sets when I use these fans! That’s why I only use Beauty Direct Pre-made Fans!
3D lashes
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Can not beat the quality of these lashes. 10/10
Chelsea Allen
Best lash glue
Read More
This is the best lash glue I've used. I have noticed amazing retention with my clients lashes since switching to the ultra glue. Will definitely recommend.