Lash Application


For the best results:

Step 1: Ensure to clean your client’s lashes! If dirt, oil or any form of residue is present on the client’s lashes, it will act as a barrier and the glue will not adhere properly. Simply use a brush to lightly apply the cleanser to the client’s lashes. The cleanser eliminates this barrier and prepares the lashes for the next stage.


Step 2: Prime! The primer will prepare the lashes for the glue to adhere properly. With out the primer, the glue will not hold up to its claimed retention.



Step 3: Apply lashes.


Step 4: A mist of H2O will allow the glue to fully activate once the eyelashes have been applied. This is where the Nano Mister is perfect!



Step 5: Fan to finish. The conditioning fan allows for a perfect finish. It blows cool air over the area to ensure a perfect application.



Step 6: Inform the customer of the eyelash cleanser and the importance of clean lashes!