The Best Glues for Eyelash Extensions

17th May 2020

As a beauty technician, finding the perfect eyelash glue can be the bane of your existence. Either they don’t last long enough, or you can’t get them off. They take too long to dry, or they are too st … read more

How to Apply False Lashes the Easy Way

22nd Apr 2020

Sometimes, you’re all ready for your new set of eyelash extensions but the lash bars on the Sunshine Coast are all booked up. So, what do you do when you want to look glam but you’re between eyelas … read more

Individual Lash Trays

Posted by Jesse Lammi on 4th Feb 2020

Hi gals!As many of you may know, we sell individual lash trays. Although premade lash trays are popular, if you are trained in russian volume lashes, you need these beauties.These trays cost just $16. … read more

Premade Fans

Posted by Jesse Lammi on 21st Jan 2020

We all love the industry and we all love a good set of eyelash extensions. When we buy eyelash extension trays, how do we know what to look for? What MAKES a good fan, and why?Here are Beauty Direct W … read more